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Real Estate Accounting: Savvy Realtor

Real Estate Accounting: Savvy Realtor

As a valuable realtor, your accounting books are important for many reasons. The importance of caring about the accounting books within your business is the reason why you started your business believe it or not. a healthy accounting book is important because it shows the key performance indicators that measure the growth and success of your business. Thus, it is very important to understand the concepts of accounting. Real estate accounting is a complex and crucial task that allows you to dig deep and view the business progress such as the overall operations, the amount of taxes paid out, and business infrastructure strategies. The way the business progresses is by the following such as business cash flow, profit and loss, and revenue (net worth). These key indicators allow you to make a strategic decision based on the cash flow, profit and loss, and revenue (net worth) reporting. For example, if you wanted to expand your business by hiring an assistant the reporting would let you know off the top if you are in a financial to hire someone and the pay grade. What about my real estate investors?

Yes, real estate investors!

Are you tired of fumbling through the mundane amount of papers trying to figure out financially "What the heck do I need to keep up for my bookkeeping?"

If that is you, it’s important to understand that bookkeeping is the starting journey in the accounting cycle, and having all financial records is imperative to save on taxes and to see the growth in your investing activities. Please understand by keeping detailed records, you can prepare annual tax returns without the high stress that occurs every year when tax seasons are in motion. The reason you want to consider keeping up the records:

  • Easy for your tax accountant to prepare and provide suggestions to you

  • In case the IRS selects you for an audit; everything will be neatly in place for examination

  • Allow you to keep track of and defend any deductions claimed

  • Allow you to view the progression of the business

  • Helps you identify properties that are performing well as well as properties that are not performing at all

  • Allows you to be qualified for additional capital if need be

Now, you may not have time to invest in doing real estate accounting and that is fine, but you have an option to outsource those duties to an external accountant firm like Direct Point Accountant Firm.

We provide concise and accurate real estate accounting that will get you back on track and maintain.

To learn more about how we can help you with your accounting contact us at (954)546-3582 or go to


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